Going Paperless: The One App Doulas Need

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If you’re a birth professional or an agency owner, you know the brain cramps that come with trying to find digital methods of documenting, invoicing, contracting (hah), and communication that fit your business model. For the longest time I just had to make due with trying to combine multiple client management programs and keeping it all in a semi-organized state …

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Crossing The Line of Contention Between Doctors and Doulas

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There is a line of contention that has been drawn between doulas and some doctors. Who drew this line, and why? Was it the doctors or the doulas? And most importantly, how does this line benefit our clients as they bring their babies into the world? The answer is: It doesn’t. The way that a doctor or midwife views doulas …

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How Does a Doula Support The Birth Partner?

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A very common concern among expecting parents when considering a doula for their birth is how involved the partner will be once the doula joins them. There is a fear that the partner will somehow be replaced by the doula in supporting the laboring woman. When you choose a professional doula who understands how important the family unit is in …

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What’s In My Doula Bag

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I had a client recently ask me what items I bring to births to help laboring women. I responded confidently and honestly, “Nothing!”. This might surprise you, since some doulas tote around everything but the kitchen sink in their “doula bags”. Some even lug around those giant birth balls for women to sit and rock on. But I don’t, and …