ACOG Recommends Doulas for Continuous Support During Labor

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The benefits of continuous support during labor are numerous, with the most important benefit being “fewer reports of dissatisfaction with the experience of labor”. We iterate to our clients the importance of planning, of discovering and prioritizing their options, and of creating a clear and effective birth plan. But we also make it known that even with all of the …

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ACOG’s Updated Recommendation on Delayed Cord Clamping

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The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently issued an updated Committee Opinion on the practice of Delayed Cord Clamping. The document is a reflection of professional recommendations based on analytical research on the outcomes of short and long term studies of early umbilical cord clamping vs delayed umbilical cord clamping. What does this mean for parents who are expecting …

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Crossing The Line of Contention Between Doctors and Doulas

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There is a line of contention that has been drawn between doulas and some doctors. Who drew this line, and why? Was it the doctors or the doulas? And most importantly, how does this line benefit our clients as they bring their babies into the world? The answer is: It doesn’t. The way that a doctor or midwife views doulas …

Why You Should Hire an Unbiased Doula

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When imagining your perfect doula, does she hold all of the same beliefs you do about pregnancy, birth, and parenting? Do you expect her to? Should you? The thing about birth is, it doesn’t always go as planned. Babies are cute, cuddly, and unpredictable. A textbook pregnancy with a well-written birth plan could end with unplanned interventions and a birth …