when clients don't call

When Clients Don’t Call

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When a client goes into labor and doesn’t call her doula, what does that mean? Does it mean the doula has somehow failed that family? Does it mean the doula is inadequate? Does it mean something went wrong?

Quite the contrary, actually.

Birth is about the family. It’s about the mother. It’s about one of the most intense, empowering-yet-vulnerable moments in her life. It’s the culmination of everything she has done to prepare herself for this moment–including–hiring a doula. It’s not about me, or anyone else. It’s about her and her baby.

So if she decides at that moment, that she doesn’t need me. Well bravo, mama. Bravo.

Because that means she analyzed her options and made a choice. She felt confident enough to do what was right for her. And as a doula, that’s what my work is all about. I will never take it personally if a client decides not to call me to her birth. I will support her decision unwaveringly because that is my job, and that is what she has paid me to do.

And if she gets so immersed in her own labor that she completely forgets to call me. Well I’ll take that as a compliment. I must have done an exceptional job supporting her, encouraging her, and empowering her to have the birth experience she envisions–with or without her doula.

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