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A labor doula is a trained professional who provides continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to expectant parents during labor and delivery. We believe that you know your body, your partner knows you, and we know birth. Labor and birth are some of the most intense moments of our lives, both physically and emotionally, and it helps tremendously to have someone there who you can rely on to be present, knowledgeable, and supportive of you every step of the way.
As doulas who believe that the most important aspect of a woman’s birthing experience is that it’s what she wants, we are committed to supporting you in any method of childbirth. We support you in natural birth, cesarean birth, medicated birth, VBACs, and more. We want what you want. And we will work with you to help you help the most satisfying birth experience possible.
We will not replace your partner during birth, but provide support to you and your partner in each of your unique roles. A labor doula is complimentary to the birth partner, providing skilled support while the partner provides their unwavering love. The combination of the two provides a solid support system for the laboring mother. See our blog regarding how a doula supports the birth partner here:
A cesarean birth requires unique emotional and physical support. A birth doula will help you prepare for surgery and go over all of your options with you beforehand. We will accompany you to the hospital on your baby’s birthday to be there to support you before and after surgery and make sure your needs are met. During recovery, we can help facilitate skin-to-skin contact, offer feeding support, and suggest soothing techniques as needed. A doula is especially invaluable during an unplanned cesarean when emotional and informational support is most necessary.
Using our education and experience, we provide you with any information you may need to help you make the most informed, confident decisions for your unique birth experience. We will meet with you prenatally to build rapport and a comfortable relationship. We will teach you and your partner comfort measures to use before we join you in labor, and we will be available for phone support 24/7 from the moment you sign a contract.
We cannot give medical advice. We cannot perform clinical tasks such as cervical checks or fetal heart monitoring. We cannot make decisions for you. We cannot speak on your behalf. We cannot drive you anywhere.
A postpartum doula is a new mother’s dream come true. Many women feel like they simply cannot catch up during the transitional period into mothering a new baby, being thrown back into the paces of everyday life without adequate support or enough time to heal emotionally and physically. We provide you with all the necessary support that you need to have the easiest, most comfortable transition possible into new motherhood.
A postpartum doula’s main role is to “mother the mother”. We provide individualized support based on your unique needs. We can help with breast or bottle feeding, soothing techniques, safe and gentle sleeping methods, and helping you and your partner to observe and identify your new baby’s cues. We can also perform light housekeeping, preparation of meals, and child care so that you can rest as needed. We can help you come up with a plan for a quick and easy recovery, and facilitate the help of family and friends per your requests. We can escort you to postpartum appointments. We can pick up prescriptions for you. We can refer you to the appropriate local care providers should you need further assistance that requires professional care beyond our scope of practice. There really isn’t much that we can’t do, pampering YOU and serving YOU so that you can recover and confidently care for your new baby is our main priority.
While family and friends only mean well after the birth of a new baby, they may not have the experience or knowledge necessary to properly care for a postpartum mother. Postpartum doulas can provide professional support to the mother and family so that family is better able to support the new mother with the care she needs, at a level that is comfortable to all.
Absolutely! While all new parents can benefit from overnight support, parents of multiples, preemies, and/or older children find overnight support especially invaluable. We can help new parents find the best sleeping arrangements so that everyone gets enough sleep. We can also help with overnight feedings so that parents can catch up on sleep if needed. If mama is nursing, we can bring the baby to and from her so that she never has to leave her bed. It is amazing what even one good stretch of sleep can do for new parents.
Honestly, not much. Like birth doulas, we cannot provide clinical tasks or give medical advice. And while we can escort you to appointments, we cannot personally drive you anywhere.
Because our services are not clinical in nature and do not provide health care, we do not and cannot accept health insurance as a form of payment.
We try to be accommodating to our clients. We will work with you to create a payment plan that works for you. We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards.

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