Going Paperless: The One App Doulas Need

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If you’re a birth professional or an agency owner, you know the brain cramps that come with trying to find digital methods of documenting, invoicing, contracting (hah), and communication that fit your business model. For the longest time I just had to make due with trying to combine multiple client management programs and keeping it all in a semi-organized state of chaos. It was, frankly, a pain in the behind.

Then I found Dubsado. Cue happy tears.

Dubsado is a CRM (Client Relationship Management) program that is the *perfect* program for birth professionals. Hands down the number one, very best thing about Dubsado is their outstanding customer service. Their team is literally at your fingertips to advise you, guide you, and to hold your hand through any problems you may face. They also have lots of very active facebook groups where users can help each other, get pointers, and discuss any new options they’d like to see within the app. And, the best part is, Dubsado delivers! Their team is constantly updating and improving the app to better fit our needs.

Check out our beautiful lead capture form that allows our users to tell us exactly what they need, while Dubsado creates a file for them in our Leads section!

We have workflows set up to where a client is automatically sent a certain email, form, or contract based on how they fill out the form. If they want to register for private childbirth education, they are automatically sent our education packages proposal where they can select the class that is right for them and pay their invoice all at once. The entire process is streamlined, saving our clients and us valuable time. We can see at the click of a button all of our client’s preferences, contact info, and invoice and payment information. Automated workflows mean the work is done for us. I’ll take it!

Client portals are another great feature. Each client has a secure portal that they can log into where they can view AND sign their contract digitally (yes, it’s legally binding), browse all of our email correspondence, pay their invoices, and select services. It’s beautiful, organized, and easy.

One of my favorite things about Dubsado is the Canned Emails feature, which allows me to send a personalized email to all new inquiries with the click of a button. This means that instead of writing the same email out over and over again, I can save it and send it as many times as needed, personalized with the client’s information. More time saved!

The packages. Oh, the packages! Check out this sneak peak of our packages page.

Packages are entered and saved so that invoices are customized easily and quickly. A client wants to add birth photography to their package? Done. A birth class? Click, done.

And payment plans have never been easier. You can set up payment plans to go out exactly when you schedule them, automatically. Most of our clients pay 50% at signing and 50% at 37 weeks. It takes me probably a whole minute to set that up and I never have to think about it again. The emails go out on schedule, and the client’s pay on time. It’s glorious. Speaking of payments, bookkeeping is also included!

As of now (3/9/2017) there are still some features in the works that I am SO excited for. One of them being scheduling! This means clients will be able to schedule appointments themselves, much like with schedulicity or similar apps.

Dubsado has made my life as a doula agency owner so much easier. It has saved me so much time! Time is money, and when you’re a birth professional time is priceless. If you’re interested in checking out this amazing app, do not hesitate! And it’s not just for doulas. This app works amazingly well for photographers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and many others in the creative or service industries.

Dubsado has an unlimited free trial which means you can try all of the features ABSOLUTELY FREE. You have nothing to lose!

I promise you will love it. You can thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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