when clients don't call

When Clients Don’t Call

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When a client goes into labor and doesn’t call her doula, what does that mean? Does it mean the doula has somehow failed that family? Does it mean the doula is inadequate? Does it mean something went wrong? Quite the contrary, actually. Birth is about the family. It’s about the mother. It’s about one of the most intense, empowering-yet-vulnerable moments …

ACOG Recommends Doulas for Continuous Support During Labor

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The benefits of continuous support during labor are numerous, with the most important benefit being “fewer reports of dissatisfaction with the experience of labor”. We iterate to our clients the importance of planning, of discovering and prioritizing their options, and of creating a clear and effective birth plan. But we also make it known that even with all of the …


Become a Doula and Turn Your Passion Into Your Career!

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If you are passionate about supporting women in pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum then you have the opportunity to turn that passion into a profitable career! Some amazing benefits of being a doula are: flexibility: make your own schedule by taking on as few or as many clients as you want low startup cost: the training and certification costs for …

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Setting Respectful Boundaries For Your Birthing Day

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A common concern among pregnant women is their privacy in the delivery room. First-time moms and experienced moms may feel helpless in controlling how “exposed” they’ll be among family, friends, and medical personnel. They want to know what they can do to feel respected and comfortable while they work to bring their baby into their arms. If you are feeling …